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Published on 20-Jan-2015

LegalTech 2015 Focus on Court Technology with will be launching LITISNET product at Legal Tech next 3- 5 February, in Hilton Hotel in New York, Please visit booth #2108. 

Published on 28-Nov-2013

Brazil admits spying but says it wasn't like NSA

Brazil, a leading critic of American spying, appeared caught in a bind when a news report claimed that the South American giant conducted espionage of its own.

Published on 22-Aug-2013

Despite globalization; foreign lawyers keep finding barriers to practice law

In today’s global economy, the practice barriers foreign lawyers’ face in Brazil, are becoming increasingly common for lawyers following clients and business opportunities around the world.

Published on 14-Aug-2013

Latin-American Perspective on Global Opportunities and Obstacles in M&A

According to economists and financial institutions all over the world;to strengthen companies’ capital positions and to comply with changing regulatory requirements, we should continue to stimulate global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) involving financial institutions as sellers. Well-capitalized corporate buyers and financial investors are poised to take advantage of these disinvestments. 

Published on 08-Jul-2013

How to set balanced fees with Winning vs Winning strategies

Optimizing legal expenses in companies has been a priority for legal directors for a while now. Setting legal fees always requires a lot of effort, knowledge of the tasks realized, quality time and dynamics management.

Published on 02-Jul-2013

Centralize judicial information, another difficult task.

Legal departments that litigate in several countries or provinces usually find themselves with great issues in centralizing information. This process does not mean that the information will arrive all at the same time; but rather that it arrives at different times, to the same location; permitting it to be found in one unified report.